I like how you started with “I’m a sappy brother” because when I tell people my reasons for not desiring a relationship, they think I’m some hard-hearted person when really I’m not.

The silly part about all this is that I know how I feel about relationships, yet I keep entering them. You’re a better person than I am. At least you force yourself to stay single. I tell myself that I want to be with him and a relationship can’t be that bad. Then I regret. I don’t know how you force yourself. After a while do you just learn your lesson?

Someone who read my post told me that I have commitment issues but I never considered it as that. Because it’s such a strong term; only Nigerian men who want to be baby boys forever have commitment issues right?

So do you intend to just never date? At least I run from one relationship to another but will you just never date?

Feminist | Learner

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